24 November

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Tile & slab for­ming techno­logy, a pano­ramic over­view

SACMI’s la­test for­ming solu­tions: from tile and slab produc­tion li­nes to the new press-R2mold integra­tion con­cept. A glo­bal ap­proach to pres­sing techno­logy

SACMI invites you to take part in this fascinating journey into the modern ceramic factory.

The starting point is the forming technologies, the heart of SACMI’s plant design proposal in the tiles sector.

A revolution that starts from the product, and from the best technologies to make it, in a simple, versatile, performing way.An innovative approach that, from lines for large slabs, tiles and sub-formats, extends to traditional pressing, with new smart solutions designed to increase speed, efficiency and therefore the availability of plants.

The broadest knowledge of each phase of the ceramic process make SACMI the ideal partner to offer the customer the best state of the art in technology and service.

Let's explore together, with the help of our team of experts, the main SACMI innovations in this area.

Speakers 4 speakers
Round tables 2 working sessions
Webinars 8 contributors


24 / 11 Time 10:00–11:00 CET & Time 15:00–16:00 CET


  • The world’s most competitive solution for 600x600 and 600x1200 mm. Up to 21,500 m2/day, with a productivity increase of up to 160% with 900x900mm*.
  • Designed to manage more sizes flexibly and efficiently. Small footprint, fitting the widest number of line configurations. Minimized size changeover times.
  • Maximum productivity with minimal energy requirements as with the other Continua+ solutions. Consumption optimized for mid-large sizes. Scrap always below 3% and fully recyclable in line.

* Compared to previous generation

SACMI PH smart solutions

  • A global appropach to pressing technology (press, loading, mold).
  • Best productivity in the market (Veloce Series, up to 14 cycle/min in with 600x600 products).
  • Self-diagnosis kit to solve rapidly and efficiently most common problems on the production line.
  • The new press-R2 mold integration concept for a complete »IoT based« plant management.

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